Construction and renovation advice

Anyone who invests in energy-efficient living will feel this in many areas. In addition to healthy and comfortable living, your energy costs remain permanently very limited. This offers security in turbulent times.

I renovated my own home with a limited budget into a very low-energy house. And I also gained experience in the sustainable construction sector. My construction expertise exists of knowledge in: building physics, materials, building envelope, thermal bridges, ventilation, rainwater, techniques, installation, production processes, quality management, innovation, renewable energy, …

Do you have a limited budget and are you looking for an independent consultant for your energy-efficient renovation project in the city? Then let us put our heads together and see what you can get out of it.

Provided that a good orientation of your property is extremely important, it is very important to call in the right expertise for your renovation project in good time. So try to obtain information about this before purchasing a property.

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