Peer review and team guidance

A new look on and insight in the functioning of yourself and your team can be a counterbalance to dissatisfaction and burnout. Team guidance and peer review help you work consciously and methodically on promoting the work atmosphere and job fulfillment.

Peer review

During peer review you work, together with your colleagues, on your own professionalism. We discuss and analyze in a structured and methodical way a personal case from the same working field. This improves work relationships among colleagues and broadens your problem-solving skills. As a Gestalt facilitator I steer the communication process and introduce theory and methodology where necessary.

Team guidance

Working in a team requires mutual interaction from the team members. This doesn’t always run smoothly. Do you want to improve cooperation, work out a concrete project in team, implement a new method or involve other disciplines in your team? I will gladly guide you as a Gestalt facilitator in these processes. Innovation and change require support, especially if the results depend on the relationships between the team members.

Do you want to introduce, maintain or strengthen diversity in your company, organization or team? Do you consider the Sustainable Development Goals as important, world-changing objectives and think about their realization? We can make our own contribution and develop initiatives in this regard by acknowledging and discussing these challenges and at the same time bring positive experiences in the light. Different working methods are available to develop awareness in these areas. I would gladly discuss them with you.


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