Study coaching

As a teacher I have taught and trained for years in secondary education, Cevora’s, Syntra’s, CVO’s, companies and socio-cultural associations. Additionally I have tutored many young people and adults in my spare time.

From this experience and out of love for education I have developed an offer for individual and group study coaching (including tutoring).

Individual guidance is tailored to the pupil, course participant or student and is adapted to the emerging needs and to all ages.

Study coaching focuses on different facets:


  • compose your (individualized) study program (examination board, high school education at home or in distance learning)
  • follow-up on study progress
  • developing your personal study method (visual or word thinker, retaining content, planning, procrastination)
  • specific skills (presenting, writing a paper or thesis, …)
  • support for problems with specific courses at specific levels (e.g. preparatory year mathematics or science)


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