Who am I?

My path to becoming a Gestalt psycho-therapist was rather unconventional.

I was born in 1973 in Antwerp.

Blessed with a large dose of curiosity, eagerness to learn, a zest for work and drive, I have wonderful memories of my high school days.

I am involved in many socio-cultural organizations and associations, from childhood on.

After my engineering studies, I worked in industry, education, sustainable construction and healthcare.

I always paid a lot of attention to self-development and professionalization.

All of this at 200 km/h.

I learned to appreciate a slower pace after growing the awareness to a longing for more depth, satisfaction and connection.

Where I used to go from A to B focusing on the shortest and fastest way, I discovered destination in the path itself. Or as my supervisor Marten Bos used to say “there is purpose in every step on our path”.

My experiences allow me to offer you a great deal.

I love for us to explore the obstacles on your path to self-realization.

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